Atlas Stick Curves


The J- curve is the most popular atlas curve specification. J curve stands for 24mm gradual mid bow, suitable for any player looking for smooth ball control, dribbling and precise hitting. It is the perfect all-round stick!
Bow Profile: 24mm, Location: 250 mm
- Smooth, mid-curve spread along the length of the shaft.
- Excellent head profile allows for powerful hitting.



The Maxi-J is the newest of the Atlas curves. This curve is a more extreme version of the standard J-curve. Aimed at people looking to move from a standard curve into a more extreme bow. It acts like a stepping stone to help get used to a larger bow.
Bow Profile: 22.2mm, Location: 250 mm
- Larger than regular mid-curve spread along the length of the shaft.
- Tapered head profile to make it easier to jink and get under the ball.



The C – Curve is a very low extreme curve (just above the head). designed for 3D skills, aerials and controlled & precise drag flicking.

Perfect for skilful ball control enthusiasts.

Bow Profile: 24.75 mm, Location: 150 mm
- Slick and round handle to allow for effortless dribbling and stick control with right hand.
- Flat and wide stick shaft to allow for smoother and precise drag-flicking, sliders and slap hitting.
- Optimum head angle assists with stick skills and aerial passing while the lower curve profile allows for accurate and powerful ball raise for drag-flicking.



    The Elite-curve: Classic profile Mid Curve for mature players or players whose game is more focused on hitting/passing in the traditional style.

    Bow Profile: 23.50 mm, Location: 250 mm


    Low Bow is a graduated low curve for the ball control enthusiast who is looking for a less extreme curve design than C Curve.

    Low Bow curve is good for learning 3D skills, aerials & mastering the art of raising the ball with accuracy for drag flicking. 

    Bow Profile: 24.75 mm, Location 200- 220 mm


    Xtreme-bow is a deep low curve different in profile & style than the C Curve.

    Suitable for skilful players to manage the ball with ease & control and to raise with precision and deliver with accuracy.

    Bow Profile: 23.75 mm, Location: 200 mm